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Our aim is to honor Jehovah God the author of the Bible. Discover a serie of tours that will let the Bible come to life by shedding light on the context of ancient times, enabling you to step into the shoes of faithful servants of old.

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We're happy to inform you that our online virtual tour section is ready !

For you enjoyment  and in order to  provide encouragement during this unusual time, we have been working hard to prepare high quality  tours  in order for you to benefit  from the resources available in the Louvre museum in connection with the Bible.
Tours will be held through Zoom. Though tour is free under 16 years old, a small fee is required per adult.
We recommend that you read the FAQ to get all practical information on mybibletour.com.
We can’t wait  to see you on our tours.
Brotherly love,
My Bible Tour in Paris’ Team

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