The Search for the Divine Name

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Saint Roch church

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Enjoy a Great Tour experience with a Private City Tour.

Paris gives in its own way a Witness to the Holy Name. How so?
Well, many places have been adorned with the Name of God, Jehovah under its Tetragrammaton form : יהוה . Particularly  during the 18th century Paris made room for the name of God to beautify its monuments, mainly churches.

Would you like to find out where the Tetragrammaton can be seen ?
And how many times do you believe it appears on the walls of our beautiful city of Paris ?

This 2-hour walking tour takes place in the Center of Paris. Your guide will take you to the right and left bank of the river Seine. It will give you a chance to discover Paris from a completely new standpoint.

Indoors and outdoors, come along with us, walk famous streets, and by the oldest churches of Paris, let the Search for the Divine name begin !

Theme : The Search for the Divine Name

(Language : English)