The 10 plagues of Egypt ... in the Louvre !

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This tour is the fourth in the series of Virtual Bible Tours linked to the collections of the Louvre Museum.



The 10 plagues of Egypt … in the Louvre !

(Language of the tour : French)


The ten plagues of Egypt are a monument of biblical history.

Whether you are a layman or an expert, this story has had a considerable impact.

These events magnified the power of God but not only that. Through each of the plagues, Jehovah exposed the powerlessness of the great gods of Egypt and their magic, thus challenging all the beliefs they associated with them.

Toth, Horus, Isis, Amon-Ra, Hathor, to name but a few… What do these deities tell us about the 10 plagues?

The very articulation of the plagues in relation to each other and their impact on the Egyptian community revealed both about God himself and about the way he interacted with men.

Whether the true God was known to them or not, each of the plagues, in defiance of the Egyptian deities, taught men truths previously unknown to them.

Let yourself be guided virtually through the department of Egyptian antiquities in the Sully wing. With the help of the Louvre’s sublime collections and a little imagination, enjoy a unique experience:

The 10 plagues of Egypt … in the Louvre!

This virtual tour is an original creation of the team. This tour is for all audiences, it will last about 1 hour and 15 minutes and will be different from the other presentations you have attended so far.

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From 25 adult participants, it is possible to organize virtual tours for private groups. Go to the Group page to find room for your group.

If needed click on “CONTACT” to email us. You will be contacted shortly.


From 50 adult participants, a 20% discount will be applied automatically. An additional 10€ discount will be applied automatically as a gift for the group organizer (the organizer must therefore be included in the number of participants).


Tour is free under 16 years old.

For groups over 50 adults, the discount is applied at the next step of the request

Tour is free under 16 years old.

For groups over 50 adults, the discount is applied at the next step of the request

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