The 10 plagues of Egypt ... in the Louvre !

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Dear visitor,

We have noticed a particularly high number of visitors to the Louvre recently, and we recommend that you book your visit and your tickets as soon as possible.

The 10 plagues of Egypt … in the Louvre !

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To make your visit a success, read the Frequently Asked Questions.

(Language of the tour : French)


The ten plagues of Egypt are a monument of biblical history.

Whether you are a layman or an expert, this story has had a considerable impact.

These events magnified the power of God but not only that. Through each of the plagues, Jehovah exposed the powerlessness of the great gods of Egypt and their magic, thus challenging all the beliefs they associated with them.

Toth, Horus, Isis, Amon-Ra, Hathor, to name but a few… What do these deities tell us about the 10 plagues?

The very articulation of the plagues in relation to each other and their impact on the Egyptian community revealed both about God himself and about the way he interacted with men.

Whether the true God was known to them or not, each of the plagues, in defiance of the Egyptian deities, taught men truths previously unknown to them.

Let yourself be guided through the department of Egyptian antiquities in the Sully wing. With the help of the Louvre’s sublime collections and a little imagination, enjoy a unique experience: The 10 plagues of Egypt … in the Louvre!

This original tour is for all audiences, it will last about 2 hours on average,


Dear visitor,

We have noticed a particularly high number of visitors to the Louvre recently, and we recommend that you book your visit and your tickets as soon as possible.


All Tours are given by appointment :

Minimum Participants per group : 2

Maximum Participants per group : 5

Rates : 30€ per Adult, 20€ per child under 16 yers off, free under 7 years old.

If you are more than 5 participants in your group, it is possible to manage and to split your group in 2 or more groups,

each small group will enjoy the tour with a guide, groups will follow one another on the same day and time according to guides availabilities.

To enjoy your in person Bible Tour at the Louvre museum you will need to reserve/purchase admission ticket(s) with time slot and name that match your appointment with your guide.
As soon as your tour is confirmed with us#, go to the Louvre official website and book your admission ticket(s) before they are sold out.

To be on time, we recommend that you choose a time 30 minutes before the start of your tour.

Booking is opened 3 month ahead. 

If you wish to enjoy more on the day of your visit, have a look at the “related tours” section.

Note :  Though Audio/Video recordings are not permitted, you will enjoy taking notes and read the related scriptures in your own copy of the Bible. No dress code is required.

This tour lasts two hours and is available every day of the week (except on Tuesdays and Thursdays)
as well as on weekends from 9 am to 5 pm, Sunday at 9:00 am and depending on the availability of the guides.


*In case of  last minute room or section closure imposed by the Louvre Museum, the itinerary of your tour might be adapted accordingly.

If you are in Special full time service, fill in the booking form on this page, add a note, we will be happy to apply a discount for you.


If your group is larger, input a note here. Then, we will organise 2 groups with 2 tour guides (or more) to comply with the Museum rules and adjust your total.

– to arrive at the meeting point on the day and at the time of the tour with Louvre admission tickets.
– to pay the guide in cash before the tour begins.
– to respect the cancellation policy and no-show conditions explained in the FAQ.

Input « I agree » in the box below to acknowledge that you agree to respect the terms mentioned above.

If you would like a particular guide, please indicate it here. We cannot guarantee the availability of the guides on all the slots but we will do our best to please you.

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