Frequently Asked Questions

Hey friends,

⚠️important Information


We are Happy to announce that Virtual Online Bible tours start from June 2020. Please, do have a look at the topic VIRTUAL TOURS in the section below. 

Because of principle of precaution due to the pandemic of Covid-19, even though the Louvre Museum has re-open from July 6th,  no tours are running until further notice. We will keep you updated.

You’ll find here some general information and answers to your questions to make your Tour a success. Please do read it carefully and then share the information with the members of your group. 

If you don’t find what you need, please contact us.

We are looking forward to meeting you on our virtual tours soon. 

For your enjoyment and in order to provide encouragement during this unusual time, we have been working hard to prepare high quality tours in order for you to benefit from the ressources available in the Louvre Museum in connection with the Bible. 

Even though held through Zoom, our Virtual Tours are a live experience held by a live guide that will include a mesure of interactivity. (See VIRTUAL TOURS>ZOOM  section below).

Though tour is Free under 16 years old, a small fee is required per adult. (See VIRTUAL TOURS>FEES  section below).

These online tours will benefit Individuals, Families but also Groups:

  • who are not able to travel but desire to enjoy the amazing Louvre Ressources on a Bible tour,
  • who are willing to prepare their next visit to the Louvre Bible in hand,
  • who desire to provide free online education for their  young ones – since our Virtual tours are free under 16 years old – through the Biblical ressources available at the Museum
  • who are passionate about Biblical history/archaeology and their related artefacts from the Louvre Museum collection

Certified Interpretive guides are ready to welcome you! 

As you book your tour, more information will be provided during the Booking process. 


It is possible to organise online Virtual tours for groups and Big Groups. See section Virtual Tours > Big Groups section. 


💠 Per adult : 5 €

💠 Tour is free under 16 years, but do count them during the booking process in step 2. Options. 

💠Special Full Time Servant (Bethelites, Traveling Overseers, Missionaries): 3€ (40% off) 

Do select this option on the step 2. Options during the booking process. 


From 50 participants, a 20% discount will be applied to the group. To get all practical information about booking a tour for a big group, see section VIRTUAL TOURS>BIG GROUPS below. 

Note :

Our guided tours activity is registered in FRANCE.
Under French law, running a professional activity makes the setting of fees mandatory. 
Still, receiving tips is not prohibited. Each country has its specific legislation.
Virtual tours we be held through Zoom. As you go through the Booking process, Zoom connection details will be sent to you. 
Please find below some information/recommandations :
– You do not need a Zoom account to join the meeting but we recommend that you download the App (more options are available) on your device. 
– Please while join the Zoom meeting input your full name & city/country, make sure you connect with the camera on and join the audio.
– Please, do not share the meeting codes with anyone, unless they are part of the group that you booked for online.
– ⚠️ No pictures, audio or video recording of the tour is permitted.
– Join the meeting not less than 10 minutes minimum before your tour is scheduled to begin.
– If you want to participate during the Tour when opportunities are given to you, please do use the raise your hand button 🖐 and unmute your microphone. Remember to mute it back afterwards.
– Some time will be left after the Tour to discuss with your guide. Thank you for not disturbing the tour by keeping your microphone on mute.
– There is no dress code but as you are accustomed to, you will be seen by worldwide brotherhood.

Tours for groups over 30 adults participants can be organised. Below the options:

  • As Group Leader, Clic on Book my tour and select the day/time that suits you and go through the booking process. Payment must be collected by the Group Leader and sent as a single payment. 
  • If you can’t find enough room for your group or if your time zone does not fit the tours available, please do fill in the Contact form and give us a maximum of information about the number of participants in your group, the number of devices, (the precise number of adults and children under 16), your time zone, and which day/time might suit your group. Then as Group Leader, you will receive an email with a proposal. Payment must be collected by the Group Leader and sent as a single payment. 

From 50* adult participants, a 20% discount will be applied to the group. *The group leader will be offered 2 free invitations. 

The Time indicated in the schedule displayed during the booking process and in any e-mail you will receive from us is PARIS TIME (GTM+2). 



  • Booking a tour is a commitment (Matthieu 5:37). If no payment is required online, making a reservation is still binding. When filling a form you commit yourself to completing the booking process with payment upon receipt of the reservation email.
  • Please do not make a reservation unless  you are sure to honour it. 
  • We are convinced that you wouldn’t make it difficult for others to find room nor cause a shortfall to the guide. 
  • In case you need to cancel or postpone your reservation, please contact your guide ASAP. 

It is left to your appreciation to compensate the shortfall caused by a last minute cancellation. 

  • In absence of payment within a short time, a reminder will be send to you, then without response a cancellation e-mail to allow others to find room for a tour.   

We do thank you for your understanding. 


The Louvre Museum is closed until further notice. 

No more tours are running on site at the Louvre Museum. We will keep you updated.

All Tours are given by appointment (online booking).

To help you choose your tour(s), you will find tours descriptions on “see all tours”.  Online Booking opens from 7 days to 3 months ahead of time, we advise that you book all your tour(s) as soon as possible.

💠 Step 1

To use our online booking services, click on “Book my tour“. Do read the box “Booking Information”, select the tour(s) you want (see the Tours references box if needed), fill in the form and send.

An automatic response will be sent immediately to the email address input in the form (do have a look at your junk mail if not received).

Information will be sent to you about payment and meeting point with the confirmation email. 


💠 Step 2

-Individual tickets for the Museum

It is required that you book your admission ticket(s) with the Louvre, even if you are using a Museum Pass (see information below).

Only nominative e-Tickets with time slot reservation booked online on  will grant you access to the Louvre Museum Collections. ⚠️ This includes visitors (ex. children under 18…) qualifying with free entrance, they too have to pre-book a free e-ticket.  

So we recommend that you book your tour(s) 2 weeks ahead of time (if at all possible) to find a time slot that corresponds to the tour you want.

⚠️ All visitors must show up at the time slot indicated on their tickets.

Time slot reservation is compulsory for all on

Entry to the museum via the Pyramid, Richelieu Passage or Carrousel of the Louvre.  Present the document confirming your time slot reservation. ID is required. 

– Paris Museum Pass holders

Available on

⚠️ Time slot bookings (free of charge) compulsory for all Paris Museum Pass holders.  

Visitors must enter their surname, name and the serial number indicated on their Pass.

Time slot reservation is compulsory but free on

Entry to the museum via the Pyramid. 

All Paris Museum Pass holders must present their pass along with the document confirming their time slot reservation. ID might be demanded. 


⚠️ Many companies operates in Paris,  please make sure that you have booked only with MY BIBLE TOUR IN PARIS on to avoid confusion. 

Please, find below the days of the week tours are available :

TOUR 1 – 2H

Monday, Thursday, Friday, some Saturday and Sunday*

TOUR 2 – 2H

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, some Saturday and Sunday*

TOUR 3 – 2H

Thursday, Friday, some Saturday and Sunday*

TOUR 5 – 3H

Thursday, Friday, some Saturday and Sunday

TOUR 6 – 3H

Wednesday, Thursday, some Saturday and Sunday

TOUR 7 – 3H

Monday, Thursday, some Saturday and Sunday

TOUR 8 – 4H

Thursday**, some Saturday and Sunday*

TOUR 9 – 4H

Thursday**, some Saturday and Sunday*

TOUR 11 – 2H

Depending on the guide availability. No tour on Sundays. 

TOURS 12 & 13

No tour on week-ends. 

* 3H and 4H tours are opened some Saturday and Sunday 

** TOURS 8 & 9 are combined tours. They couple TOUR 1 & 2 or TOUR 2 & 3. Though Tour 8 & 9 are opened on some Saturday and Sunday, it is possible to book them separately on Thursday. 

Admission Ticket is not included in the price : 

  • Louvre entry ticket has to be pre-booked online. Please see I want to Book a tour, what should I know and do ? ” section above. 
  • Museum Pass can be use for the tour(s). Please see “I want to Book a tour, what should I know and do ? ” section above > Paris Museum Pass holders
  • Some Visitors entitled to free admission (other than Louvre members)
    –     Under 18s, proof of ID required
    –     16-25 year-old residents of the European Economic Area (EU, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein), proof of ID and residency required
    –     All visitors under the age of 26 on Friday evenings from 6 p.m., proof of ID required

    –     Teachers working in France, valid “Pass Education” required
    –     Teachers of art, art history or the applied arts, valid proof of employment stating subject taught required
    –     Artists affiliated with the Maison des Artistes or International Association of Art, valid proof required 
    –    ICOM and ICOMOS members, valid proof required

    –     Jobseekers, valid proof and ID required (dated within the last year or indicating a period of validity)
    –     Disabled visitors and the person accompanying them. Still, pre-booked ticket with Time slot reservation is compulsory but free on

  • Some visitors might be willing to enjoy the museum collections before their guided tour…

We highly recommend that you pre-booked your entry tickets online more than 2 weeks ahead of time before they are sold out particularly during the high season. In case of cancellation, pre-booked Ticket Refund is possible one day minimum prior to the visit on

Louvre admission is free for all on the first Saturday of the month from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM.  Because of the high number of visitors expected, no guided tour is permitted. Though, Time slot reservation or pre-booked ticket is compulsory for all visitors on

Private Tours are organized from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, 9:00 am to  9:30 pm on Wednesdays and Fridays depending on Tours & Guides availabilities. Check for availability on “Book my tour” section. 

No tours are given on Sundays. If at all possible we advise booking your tours during the week. 

The Louvre Museum is closed on Tuesdays

Also on May 1st, December 25th & January 1st. 

Private Tours are organized from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, 9:00 am to  9:30 pm on Wednesdays and Fridays depending on Tours & Guides availabilities. Check for availability on “Book my tour” section. 

Most tours are scheduled from Monday to Sunday, only a few tours are given on Sundays. If at all possible we advise booking your tours during the week to avoid crowd and long lines. 

The Louvre Museum is closed on Tuesdays

Also on May 1st, December 25th & January 1st. 

For your comfort our company has decided to organise Private tours, with a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 5 participants per group accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. 

More than 5 in your group? Information are provided in the section below. 

💠 Traveling/Touring Alone? 

Since tours are organised from 2 participants, to be added to a group during the Booking process, select the box “ALONE” then check for availabilities in step 3.

We recommend to choose a time slot followed by one of these indications : 1/5 (room is available up to 4 persons) or 2/5 (room available for 3) or 3/5 (room available for 2) or 4/5 (room available for 1), then you will immediately be joining a group and a confirmation will be send to you. 
Choosing the time slot followed by 0/5 means that the tour is not open yet, if you select this option, you will have to wait for more visitor(s) joining that tour then the Tour confirmation will be sent to you.
If you have more availability on that day/week, please do mention it in the note on step 5 of the Booking process in order for us to find room for you in another tour if at all possible. 


 In order to comply with the Museum strict rules regarding PRIVATE TOURS, groups size are up to 5 persons maximum. If your group is beyond that number, book as many tours as necessary for the same day/time on the Booking Form, then your entire group will be accommodated and small groups will follow one another. 

To purchase the number of needed Louvre tickets, do more than one booking on  in the “Individual Ticket” section (do not use the group tickets section which is subject to more restrictive rules). 

City Tour

Max. Group size : 12 participants

If you have contacted us through email or using the contact form but not getting an answer yet, remember that time difference might affect the moment we are receiving your message, in addition, office is closed on week-ends. It might call for a couple of days to provide you with an answer to your question. Have a look in your junk mail as well.

(see also “last minute request” section below). 

We highly recommend  to book ahead of time for the pioneer guides to organize accordingly.
It is possible to book online from 7 days to 3 months ahead of time. 
But what if you’ve just discovered our website, you already pre-booked Louvre admission Tickets and you’re wondering if there’s a possibility to join an Opened Tour?
E-mail your request with  your detailed information.
–  If there is room for you or your group, you’ll be contacted through  e-mail, text message, telephone or WhatsApp (recommended). 
If no more room, you won’t be contacted. 
We thank you for your comprehension. 

💠 Reminder :

The Louvre Museum now requires that all visitors show up at the time slot indicated on their tickets.

So we recommend that you check on to look for availability and secure your entrance to the museum in buying online tickets  ASAP or use a Museum Pass. 

⚠️Time slot bookings compulsory for all Visitors

(See the first section of the FAQ)

The Louvre Museum requires that ALL VISITORS pre-booked admission ticket online.

What is allowed ?

Pictures without flash. 

What is not permitted ?

  • Touching the artifacts
  • Audio & video recordings
  • Use of selfie sticks.
  • Eat or drink in the museum
  • Smoking
  • Umbrella
  • Pets

Louvre mode d'emploi - Respecter les collections - image1

Louvre mode d'emploi - Respecter les collections - image2


⚠️ For safety reasons, only 1 small luggage is allowed. To know about the maximum size allowed, please have a look at

This information are to be shared with all the members of your group. Thank you.

Please, do read the entire FAQ which is regularly updated. 

The Louvre is a very large museum. Remember to eat (please, do have a big breakfast), rest well before your visit, and be sure to wear comfortable shoes … and if at all possible avoid being jetlaged on the tour ! 

Pick pockets might be present in and around the Museum. They usually operate in crowds while you are taking pictures or looking at artwork, so keep your bags in front of you, do not put your wallet or phone in your back pocket. 

🚇The metro stop is Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre.

Metro Line 1 or 7 –  Exit I or Exit 6. 

🚘. To come by car or with a Taxi or Uber, the address is : 

99 Rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris

⚠️ Beware of Parisian traffic, it might take longer than what you expect. 

You went online to book ahead of time a Tour but you couldn’t find any tour available on the chosen date(s). You wonder if it means that Tours are already sold out on that day/time? 

Answer :

1) Tours are sold out. You might choose another tour/day/time. 

2) Pioneers-Guides manage their own schedule ahead of time if at all possible, so they might update their availability and open new time slot. Do not hesitate to come back on the website or choose another tour/day/time. 

3) The museum is unable to maintain all its rooms open every day. Tours are designed according to the schedule of room closures. To see tour(s) schedule,  see the next row. If the tour  you want is not available on the day, pick an other tour or pick another day. 

We thank you for your comprehension. 

Make sure you have filled in a valid email address or have a look at your junk mail as an immediate automatic response has already been sent to you. 

All Louvre Tours, Bethel Tour & Claude Monet (Giverny) visit are wheel chairs accessible. 

🦽 At the Louvre, wheel chair access is made from the Main Pyramid entrance. Wheel chairs can also be borrowed at the “Assistance” desk next to the cloakroom. 

No fees are required during the Booking Process.  

An email will be sent to you with the Tour(s) confirmation with each guide instruction about payment.

Thank you for not booking a tour if not sure about your schedule yet.

Once you have requested a tour, in order for your tour to be confirmed, you will receive instruction for Payment. Depending of your home country, International payment fees might apply, if so you will be charged (on average add 5,5% of your total and send). 

If you have booked multiple tours with multiple guides, each guide payment information will be sent to you. 

This cancellation Policy does not apply our virtual tours. 

see above section : 


Yes. Please find below the 3 case scenarios possible.

First case scenario :

Tour was canceled more than 2 weeks prior to the appointment : Tour(s) will be refunded, only PayPal/Transaction fees will be retained. We thank you for keeping us informed ahead of time, it will allow others to find room for a tour.

Second case scenario :

Tour was canceled less than 2 week ahead of time :  To compensate the shortfall, you will be refunded 50%.

Third case Scenario :

Tour was canceled less than a week ahead of time or no show on the day of the Tour : Tour is due*, no refund will be made.

*if the payment has not been made, we leave it to your discretion and are confident you will compensate your guide’s shortfall (see your Tour confirmation email). 

Exceptional  circumstances will be examined. Please do contact your guide.

In case of cancellation, Louvre pre-booked Ticket Refund request has to be send one day minimum prior to the visit on

If your trip is postponed, we will be happy to accommodate your group in the future.


This cancellation Policy does not apply our virtual tours. 

see above section : 


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