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On this page, you will be able to organize a session dedicated to your group,

a “Private Virtual Tour* of the Louvre Museum” Bible in hand.

In the agenda below, choose the day and time that suits your group and submit.

Please note that the request is first submitted to the team before being approved and confirmed

Rates and discounts are the same as for other virtual tours.

No payment is required upon request.

You will be contacted by our team.


List of Tours available in French


??‍? Virtual Tour 01 – French : Focus on the Accuracy of the Bible – Part 1

??‍? Virtual Tour 02 – French : Focus on the Accuracy of the Bible – Part 2

?‍? Virtual Tour 03 – French : The Odyssey of Wrinting and the Bible

??‍?Virtual Tour 04 – French : The 10 plagues of Egypt … in the Louvre !



*What is a private virtual tour for a group?

It is a session organized via zoom reserved only for the participants in your group. (for groups from 20  adults). Enjoy a private Virtual Tour of the Louvre, Bible in hand, led by an experienced guide. (See above for the list of Virtual Tours and Guides available).


No availability corresponds to your needs? contact us here.


Step 1

Fill in the composition of your group.

Step 2

Choose the day and time according to availabilities. 

Step 3

Select the tour you want.

Step 4

Fill in all required fields of the request and send (by clicking on “request confirmation”).

No payment is required at this point.



Your request will then be processed upon receipt. After confirmation of availability, you will receive an email with all the necessary information and payment details.

Once you get a day/time for your group, it is still possible do add participants in your group. Just let us know. 

After the process is complete, you will receive the login and password to log into the Zoom session.

Please note that you have applied for a minimum of 20 adult participants.


Due to time differences and to avoid confusion, please indicate and confirm below the time slot you choose and your time zone (Country, State, City…). If you would like a different time slot than the one indicated in the calendar, please specify it below.

Tour is free under 16 years old.

For groups over 50 adults, the discount is applied at the next step of the request