Focus on the Accuracy of the Bible – Part 2

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Medo-Persia Archers

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This tour is the Second of a series of Virtual Bible Tours of the Louvre Museum.

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Focus on the Accuracy of the Bible – Part 2

(Language for this tour: English)

The Bible survived despite time, opposition, attempts to corrupt its content, accusations of inaccuracy …

During this Tour, more evidence of the accuracy of the Bible will be presented in line with the archeological resources available at the Louvre Museum.

Artefacts will be brought to life in the light of appealing verses.

Please, come along with us, walk virtually the Louvre and examine some of these amazing “Silent Witnesses” in the light of the Bible account and appreciate the Bible as it is: the most reliable an inspired resource ever.

Evidence does exist, let us present them to you!

While Part 1 focuses on the evidence of the accuracy of the Bible in connection with the kingdoms of Accad, Assyria, Moab and Egypt; Part 2 focuses on evidence related to the kingdoms of Babylonia and Medo-Persia.

You may wonder: Do I need to attend part 1 to enjoy part 2?

Not at all, both will present evidence of the Accuracy of the Bible as if you were in the Louvre Museum accompanied by a qualified Bible tour guide.

Only if you wish to follow a chronologic order, we would recommend to start with Part 1.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are presented via Zoom.

The Zoom meeting ID and access code will be emailed to you as soon as the booking process is completed..


What you need to know:

  • You do not need a Zoom account to join the Virtual Bible Tour.
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  • No picture, audio or video recording of the tour is permitted.
  • Join the meeting 10 minutes minimum before your tour is scheduled to begin.
  • If you want to participate during the Tour when opportunities are given to you, please do use the raise your hand button and unmute your microphone. Remember to mute it back afterwards
  • Some time will be left after the Tour to discuss with your guide. Thank you for keeping your microphone(s) on mute so as to avoid disturbing the tour.
  • There is no dress code but as you are accustomed to, you will be seen by worldwide brotherhood.


Several guides are assigned to the tours, feel free to select them to see all available dates in the calendar displayed on this page.


From 25 adult participants, it is possible to organize virtual tours for private groups. Go to the Group page to find room for your group.

If needed click on “CONTACT” to email us. You will be contacted shortly.


From 50 adult participants, a 20% discount will be applied automatically. 2 places are also offered to the group leader and the person of his choice (-8€), so do count the group leader in the total participants.


Tour is free under 16 years old.

For groups over 50 adults, the discount is applied at the next step of the request

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