The Odyssey of Writing and the Bible!

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This tour is the third in a series of Virtual Bible Tours linked to the collections of the Louvre Museum.


Theme: The Odyssey of Writing and the Bible !

(Language of presentation: French)


Discovering the history of the Odyssey of Writing in the Louvre, being introduced to Cuneiform writing on clay tablets, such is the challenge we are taking up with you in order to bring the tangible where it is not expected! As you may have guessed, interactivity will be one of the main qualities of this presentation.

Where does our Odyssey begin?

In Mesopotamia, the cradle of writing, and then in Egypt, in the third millennium BC. We will follow step by step the invention and evolution of writing and its media through two formidable sections of the Louvre Museum: the Department of Oriental Antiquities and the Department of Egyptian Antiquities.

Why do we write?

In what forms?

How did writing develop?

Why and how did certain documents dating back several millennia come down to us?

What do they tell us about our history?

What do they tell us about the Bible?

The Bible has been equipped with the best assets to survive and deliver the message of its author, our creator, Jehovah God.

Once again, the objects and works of art in the Louvre will amaze and hopefully inspire you!


This virtual tour is for all the members of the family: from 7 to 107 years old!

Watch the short preparation video to equip yourself with the necessary tools to put yourself in the shoes of a Mesopotamian scribe.


Salt dough recipe for about 4 writing tablets.

● 300 ml flour

● 150 ml water

● 75 ml salt

If possible, add a mixture of dye ( yellow, red and blue) to obtain a brown clay-like shade.

Mix well until you have a smooth paste.
Do not hesitate to add water if the paste is not smooth enough, or flour if it is too liquid.
Keeps very well for several days in a box in the refrigerator.


Stylus or Calamus

As shown in the photo below, make sure that the chopstick that will be used as a calamus or stylus is square at one end. This will allow you to try your hand at cuneiform writing (if the chopstick only has round ends, it will not allow you to write in cuneiform).

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Tour is free under 16 years old.

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