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💠 You will book your tour(s) here. No Payment is required online. Payment will be requested later with the Tour Confirmation (See FAQ > Can I pay the tour online?)

 💠⚠️⚠️⚠️ Due to an increase in visitor numbers at the Louvre Museum, only Visitors with tickets purchased via the Louvre’s official website are guaranteed admission. So we strongly recommend online booking on .

💠* For the Louvre Tours, children below 3 are NOT counted as participants.

💠 Group above 5 participants? While on step 4 click on "BOOK MORE" to book several tours on the same day/time. No more room? Select another day/time.

💠 Traveling Alone? To be added to a group, select the box "ALONE" then check for availabilities in step 3.

(To know if a tour is open, have a look at FAQ > What is a private tour?). 

💠 Alone with children? Select the right box on Step 2.

💠 No more room? Choose another day/time or choose another Tour (see FAQ). 

💠 Special Full Time Servant (Bethelite, Traveling Overseer, Missionary)? To benefit from a 20% discount, do mention it in the note on step 5.

For more Information see FAQ click here.

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