Tour 8 : Origins of a Mystery & There is no God Like You

Sphinx & Lion

What you'll discover

With the Combined Tours you will be able to enjoy 2 full tours following one another with a short break in between. Since this combined tour option is only available on Saturdays, it is still possible to book each tour separately on Thursdays as well, just click on “BOOK MORE” during the Booking process.

Tour 1 

A name, a Mystery … Babylon the Great ! (Revelation 17:5, 7)

Mankind has been deeply affected by Babylonian religious concepts that were passed on to all civilizations.

The Tower of Babel became a symbol for spiritual confusion. But God provided his inspired word, the Bible that made possible to make a distinction between the “Truth” (John 8:32) and pagans beliefs and the related symbols and practices. This tour sheds light on the Origins of such a Mystery.

Tour Theme : Origins of a Mystery

Tour 2

By contrasting Jehovah God with the powerless and “disgusting idols of Egypt” (Ezekiel 20:7,8) this Tour brings the account of the 10 plagues to life (Exodus 7-11).

Featuring artefacts from the times of old and based on appealing verses, this tour builds appreciation for Jehovah’s way to protect and save his people. 

You might never sing song Number 2 the same way again !

Tour theme : There is No God like You 

These tours are part of the  LET THE BIBLE COME TO LIFE  series.

They take place in the Eastern Antiquities & Egyptian section.

Please, note that the Egyptian section of the Louvre Museum is closed on Fridays.

If you wish to enjoy more, have a look at the “related tours” section.

Though Audio/Video recordings are not permitted, you will enjoy taking notes and read the related scriptures in your own copy of the Bible. No dress code is required.

Tour available on Saturday.


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