Enjoy a Bible Tour in Paris By One of Jehovah's Witnesses Experienced Louvre Guide

Enjoy a Bible Tour in Paris By One of Jehovah's Witnesses Experienced Louvre Guide


Lamatsu Assyrie Sargon

What you'll discover

This tour is the first of a series of Virtual Bible Tours.

We have worked hard to prepare a high quality tour. Other tours will follow, with appealing themes. We’ll keep you posted as soon as new features will be ready, through instagram and on this website.

Virtual Tour Theme : Focus on the Accuracy of the Bible – Part I.

The Bible survived despite time, opposition, attempts to corrupt its content, accusations of inaccuracy …

During this Tour, evidence of the accuracy of the Bible will be presented in line with the archeological resources available at the Louvre Museum.

Artefacts will be brought to life in the light of appealing verses.

Please, come along with us, walk virtually the Louvre and examine some of these amazing “Silent Witnesses” in the light of the Bible account and appreciate the Bible as it is: the most reliable an inspired ressource ever.

Evidence does exist, let us present them to you!

Focus on the Accuracy of the Bible – Part 1 focuses on the evidence of the Accuracy of the Bible in connection with the Kingdoms of Accad, Assyria, Moab and Egypt (from the 3rd millenium to the First milllenieum BCE).

Welcome on our new Virtual Bible Tours!

We are happy to announce new tours, Virtual Live tours designed for you to enjoy the wonderful Heritage and resources on display at the Louvre Museum.

These Virtual  tours will benefit  :

  • those who are not able to travel but desire to enjoy the amazing Louvre Resources on a Bible tour,
  • those who are willing to prepare their next visit to the Louvre bible in hand,
  • those who desire to provide free online education for their  young ones – since our Online tours are free under 16 years old – through the Biblical resources available at the Museum
  • those who are passionate about Biblical history/archaeology and their related artefact from the Louvre Museum collection
  • those who are not able to travel.

Certified Interpretive guides are ready to welcome you! groups will be made from 5 to 40 individuals Maximum and session will be made through Zoom.

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