Enjoy a Bible Tour in Paris By One of Jehovah's Witnesses Experienced Louvre Guide

Enjoy a Bible Tour in Paris By One of Jehovah's Witnesses Experienced Louvre Guide

Tour 13 : Trip to Bethel & Claude Monet’s Home in Giverny

Giverny Flowers

What you'll discover

From April 1st to  November 1st, 2020 added to the Visit of the French Branch, let us take you to Giverny in Normandy.

You will love discovering what made Normandy famous around the world : the Master of the Impressionist Painting : Claude Monet. Enjoy the visit of his home town, his House and what He called the Master Piece of his Entire Work : His Amazing Water Lily Garden !


07:30 AMPick up at your Hotel/Rbnb in Paris Disticts*
09:00 AMBranch visit
12:30 PM Lunch Time at Louviers (Lunch fees are not included)
01:45 PMGoing to Giverny
02:30 PMVisit of Claude Monet’s House and Gardens
04:00 PMReturn to Paris
06:00 PM**Drop off at your Hotel or any places in Paris Districts

You will have to book your own Bethel visit on  jw.org

Many languages are available to Tour Bethel.


Number of participantsPrice per Person
(Giverny fees included)
Group of 2 persons155€
Group of 3 persons115€
Group of 4 persons90€
Group of 5 persons75€
Group of 6 persons65€
Group of 7 persons75€#
Group of 8 persons70€#

#For groups of 7 and 8 persons, a large Van will be provided. (Claude Monet House and Gardens entry fee of 12€/persons are included). 

*Staying in the Suburbs (CDG, Disneyland Paris)? Please, select box “FROM CDG/DISNEYLAND…” on step 3 of the Booking Form (a 35€ fee will be added).

Children on the Trip? Special seats might be needed, please specify about your needs in the Note (Step 5 of the Booking Form).

**Parisian Traffic might affect the time of your return.

Important :
All the names of the participants of that Trip (+ages for the Children) are requested as well as you accommodation address(es) in Paris for the Pick up and any Phone number(s) in order to contact you while in Paris.
This tour is to be booked ahead of time to secure availability.

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